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Turning points in the development of the Globus Marine International group

2008 -
Enlargement of development on the other fields of operations, which are one way or another related to leasing business. The group got a new integrated image.

2005 - 2008
Development of IT system NOVA extended to other areas. We linked up with the products of other providers (BPM, an electronic archive, CRM). We migrated 70% of our current clients to our new IT system. In the international area, we obtained a number of new clients.

A new version of IT system NOVA, that changed philosophy of development and put the product on three-level architecture, was brought out.

The company Gemikro d.o.o., Belgrade, which was a general representative for sale and support of our software for the area of Serbia and Montenegro, was founded.

With our IT system, we penetrated to the leasing market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gemicro d.o.o., Zagreb, which was a general representative for sale and support of Globus Marine's software for the area of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, was founded.

A new version of IT system in Fox Pro was brought out: Leasing 4.

The current owners joined the company. The company began to deal with offering IT solutions for leasing. In addition, it also made the first version of the application in the tool Fox Pro – Leasing 3.

The company Globus Marine International d.o.o., which main activity was to be foreign trade, was founded.


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