NOVA.Studio - The new generation of information system brings numerous advantages

Advantages of the new system

We are developing a new generation of our information system for leasing and financing, which will gradually replace the existing system, NOVA.Core. The new generation, called NOVA.Studio, brings a range of improvements in technology, security, stability, system esthetics and usability.

The main advantage of the NOVA.Studio system is the introduction of a new user interface that will provide a modern and appealing user experience. All input forms will adapt to screen resolution, enabling a better user experience. Additionally, we want to emphasize that the business logic and database will mostly remain unchanged, meaning that the new system can be installed on the existing infrastructure without the need for data migration.

NOVA.Studio also brings simplified usability as it combines five existing modules and requires only one login.

Timeline for the implementation of the new system

We will gradually introduce the new system to our customers, one module at a time, while simultaneously ceasing the development of the existing NOVA.Core system.

Currently, the following modules have been developed and are available to customers:

  • FA - fixed assets,
  • APP - automatic payments processing and
  • SS - special services.

We have also started the development of the following two modules:

  • GL - financial & accounting package with a general ledger
  • LE - leasing and financing management.

This year we plan to install the new modul FA - fixed assets in both the testing and production environments for all customers. The replacement of this module will be easy for our customers and will allow them to familiarize themselves with the new environment and test the functionality of the new system on a limited scale.

The next step this year will be the installation of the new modul APP - automated payment processing.



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