NOVA information system for leasing and financing

NOVA information system for leasing and financing

Nova.BPM - Business process management

Nova.BPM system enables defining, implementing and monitoring of business processes. System works as a stand-alone intranet application and is therefore available to all users within your network. Its integration with Nova.Core system provides the most flexible solution for monitoring business processes.


  • Integration with the main system Nova.Core
  • Administrating processes by yourself
  • Retrieving data from Nova.Core system
  • Web application

Better control of business processes

  • Unification of employees' work
  • Immediate review of the current status
  • Performance statistics
  • Easier identification of bottlenecks
  • Less manual work
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Easier debugging
  • No lost requests
  • Automatic alerts
  • Automation of business flows

Integration with Nova.Core system

On the side of Nova.Core

  • Review of requests
  • Triggering new processes
  • Opening forms in Nova.Core
  • Pre-filled input forms

On the side of Nova.BPM:

  • Use of data from Nova.Core system
  • Automatic monitoring of (un)completed tasks