Receiving the prestigious Platinum AAA Creditworthiness Certificate for 2023

We are delighted to announce that our company, Globus Marine International d.o.o., has once again received high recognition this year - the Platinum AAA Creditworthiness Excellence Certificate following an analysis by Dun & Bradstreet. This recognition confirms that for at least the fifth consecutive year, we meet the highest international standard of excellence.

Platinum creditworthiness excellence signifies that our business stands out and meets demanding criteria, ensuring low risk of potential negative events such as bankruptcies, liquidations, or transaction account blocks in the next twelve months.

This recognition reflects our commitment to excellence and financial stability, achieved through hard work, reliable financial management, and dedication to our customers and partners. In the future, we will continue to commit to the highest standards and strive to maintain this prestigious creditworthiness.

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers and partners who believe in our work, and we are proud to be part of an exceptional community of excellent companies in Slovenia.

We are also proud of the achievements of our group companies within Globus Marine International: Gemicro Zagreb and Gemikro Belgrade, which also attain Platinum AAA creditworthiness excellence.

Receiving the prestigious  Platinum AAA Creditworthiness Certificate for 2023 Back